Revlon launches new social campaign with Lady Gaga, Pharrell, Ellen DeGeneres

Mumbai, India March 2017: Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell Williams have teamed up on a new campaign for the beauty giant Revlon.

The trio star in the brand's latest video for its social campaign"The Love Project," which aims to raise money for charities includingthe WHA (Women's Heart Alliance), the Born This Way Foundation founded by LadyGaga in 2012, From One Hand to AnOther and the Trevor Project.The video sees the stars explaining what love means to them, with theirdefinitions ranging "love is a light in the dark" (Pharrell), to"love is why we're here" (Ellen) and "love is being at myGrandma's house" (Lady Gaga). The soundtrack to the film is Lady Gaga'ssingle "A Million Reasons."The campaign is urging people to share their own definitions, using the hashtag#Lovein3words, as well as donating to the charities, which cover issues such askindness, heart disease, young people's counselling and investing in futuregenerations."The Love Project is the beginning of a social movement which aims toinspire more love, acceptance and caring in the world," People reportsRevlon Senior Vice President Marketing Carlos Barreto as saying in a statement."At the heart of this campaign is the belief that all people are beautifuland that love can create a better world."This is not the first time Revlon has campaigned in the name of love. ThisJanuary, musician Gwen Stefani defended the brand's "Choose Love"campaign, which had come under fire from some quarters for, it was felt,telling women to freshen up their look in order to freshen up a relationship.Stefani, who joined Revlon as a campaign star this year, said at the time:"They have this Choose Love campaign, which is full of choice andpositivity and dreams and truth and I feel like that's aligning exactly withwhere I'm at in my personal life in the last couple of years and how I've hadto kind of choose love, choose truth, choose to be positive and work my wayback to a place of using my gift and sharing my love with people."

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