Push ups never looked this good

Mumbai, January 2017: A perfectly tailored suit, amazing hair or a killer pair of heels, all command attention when a woman walks into a room. But what makes her memorable are her EYES.

A woman with wide expressive eyes can get what shewants without uttering a word. She can flirt, she can seduce, and she can feelbeautiful- even powerful.  And now women can get powerful lashes withoutresorting to fakes. Hello, Instant Glam. Hello - THE FALSIES PUSH UPDRAMA MASCARA! 

HOW FAR CAN A MASCARA GO? MaybellineNew York’s first ever push up brush delivers major sexiness thanks to itspatented cup-shaped bristles. The hard working wand scoops up and lifts lashesinto a 45-degree angle, while the rich creamy plumping formula creates dramaticchange for instant volume. 

LASH OUT.  Going full-onsexy does not necessarily mean a glam squad. Whether on your dresser,in-between coffee sips, at a red light or the office work space before anight-out, the FALSIES PUSH UP DRAMA MASCARA delivers the bestof both worlds with lashes that look as labor intensive as fakes in a couple ofquick swipes. The result is bold, seductive lashes that can give even the mostglamorous runway a run for its money!

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