Navya: Expert Opinion service for cancer care in collaboration with Tata Memorial Center

TMC NCG Online: Navya Expert Opinion Service empowers cancer patients from all over the world to get the best possible treatment opinion without leaving their homes. This service, available at, allows patients to upload their reports and get a response from world renowned experts within 24 hours. This is possible using Navya’s Evidence and Experience Engines, a machine learning based system developed in collaboration with Tata Memorial Center and presented at global conferences.

Followingits launch in 2015, over 10,000 patients from the length and breadth of India,in small towns in north India and east India and larger cities in the south orwest India, and 22 developing countries have reached out to Navya. Once reportsare received, patient advocates reach out to users to gather all relevant caseinformation including preferences and constraints. The medical history alongwith evidence based treatment options are presented to a relevant expert usingNavya’s patented system.  On receiving the expert’s response, a report iscreated that answers all questions asked by the patient in language that issimple to understand. 

Cancer careis highly specialized and the number of experts for complex cases is very few.Many cancers are curable or can be managed for a number of years if diagnosedearly and treated appropriately. Choosing the right therapy vetted by anexpert, can be the difference between the best possible outcome and failedtreatment. Navya has ensured that patients, irrespective of their location, areable to get treatment recommendations from experts. This is impactful for thepatient, the family and the local treating oncologist and the patient cancontinue treatment at the local hospital. 

To registerplease log on to orwhats app +91 7022009550.

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