National Conclave on Species Conversation on May 27 in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Rapid environmental change is posing significant threat to many plant and animal species in the current century. Scientists estimate that the current rate of extinction is more or less equal to the prehistoric mass extinction. It is important to note that the loss of biodiversity means loss of genetic diversity and a big loss of ecosystem. Conservation is an important practice to negate the ill effects and restore the ecosystem balance.

Todeliberate the pertinent issue of species conservation, a national conclave on‘Role of Corporates in Driving Species Conservation’ will be organized on May27, 2017 in Mumbai at UPL House, Bandra (East), Mumbai. The first ever nationalforum is a joint initiative of India CSR Network ( and UPLLimited (UPL, NSE), a leading global crop protection chemical company. 

The day longforum will have case studies on leading ongoing species conservation projectsacross the country and panel discussions to understand the challenges,opportunities and funding trends to run and manage conservation projects. 

The forumwill bring together diverse leaders in the area of species conservation fromthe corporate, international organizations, development agencies, Governmentsrepresentatives as well as academia and is aimed at promoting policy coherenceamong the agencies. The theme of the conclave is ‘Role of Big Donors andCorporates in Driving Species Conservation’. 

Rusen Kumar,Founder of India CSR Network said, “Our mission is to create a forum todeliberate various issues related to the species conservation in India andcreate awareness among concerned stakeholders of business organization.” Hefurther added “Our country is facing huge challenges in the area of speciesconservation and it requires next level of awareness campaign among society,government and business organizations and encourage various agencies to comeforward to fund ongoing species conservation projects and venture investing innew ones.” 

RishiPathania, Head CSR, UPL Limited, said, “Our organization is very much committedto encourage such kind of innovative forum. We feel honour to host the forumwith India CSR. We will put our best efforts to make the forum effective and isa great opportunity for all corporates working on biodiversity and speciesconservation programmes.” He further said, “At UPL, under CSR project, we havestarted Sarus Crane conservation project in Gujarat two years back. The IndianSarus Crane, a tallest flying bird species is categorized as vulnerable on theIUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List. Sarus Cranenumbers have declined gradually. They are consequently threatened by poachingand the destruction of their eggs and juveniles.” 

The forumwould help connect all relevant stakeholders, think tanks and nature loversunder one roof to debate, deliberate, and derive possible solution to addresson burning concern of species conservation. 

To become anesteemed speaker, true partner, sponsor or an active participant, we welcomeyour proposals that can be sent at or call directly to RusenKumar at 9981099555

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