Kotak Mahindra Bank launches **811

Mumbai, 18th April 2017: Kotak Mahindra Bank announces the launch of **811 (StarStar811) as a Call-To-Action to generate enquiries and to facilitate downloading 811 - India’s unique full-service digital banking ecosystem on mobile. 811 is a digital account that can be downloaded and operated from anywhere, 24x7 and serves as a platform where your money and everything you can do with it come together on your mobile phone.

811can be instantly downloaded on the phone via Kotak’s mobile banking app bygiving a missed call to **811. The solution, ‘StarStar’ (**) isa patented technology designed to enhance the Call-To-Action (CTA) of a brand.StarStar works across all major mobile operators, and on all feature andsmartphones. It requires no internet connection or data connectivity and breaksthe ice between brands and consumers at one of the most important modern daytouch points –the mobile. Tango Media, a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Mogae Media, a leading provider of integrated mobile marketingservices, has developed this innovative and revolutionary technologysolution that enables brands to connect better and quicker with their targetaudiences on the mobile. 

Commentingon this, Sandeep Goyal, Chairman, Mogae Media said, “We aredelighted to bring this path-breaking technology to people. We are confidentthat soon, StarStar (**) will become to the mobile what hashtag (#) has todaybecome to the world of social media.” 

AmbujChandna, Sr. Executive Vice President, Kotak Mahindra Bank said, “With 811, we offercustomers a unique all-in-one value proposition of a zero balance savingsaccount with zero charges for all digital transactions, where customers canearn up to 6% p.a. on their savings account balances. **811 enables us tofurther simplify access to 811 for our customers.” 

Currently,811 is available on Google Play Store, and it will soon be available on Apple’sApp Store.

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