Digital technology to bring Fort Gobindgadh to life

Mumbai 08th December, 2016: The world famous religious and historic city of Amritsar that is known for its martyrs of Jallianwala Baugh and the Golden Temple will soon have another addition to its many wonders. The historic Fort Gobindgadh is all set for a touch of digitisation and virtual reality technology which will bring alive its rich heritage and tales of bravery.This venture is the undertaking of Actress and director Deepa Sahi through her company Maya Digital in a 15 year public private partnership with the Government of Punjab.

A blue print of the legacy of the fort has beenprepared by her team and stories and displays in the fort will bear witness tothe erstwhile grandeur and rich vein of culture that Amritsar was knownfor.  The initial phase of the projectwill see half a portion of the fort being made open to the public from the 13th ofDecember 2016.


Commenting on the project DeepaSahi said,“Being a Punjabi I always wanted to do something to promote the varied cultureof Punjab. I was working on a historic project when I got to know that PunjabGovernment is planning to do something about the legacy of Fort Gobingadh. WhenI realized that, I made a proposal to the Punjab Government and received apositive response following which I began working on the project. We have usedmany latest technologies to display the rich history of the Fort and itserstwhile rulers and I am sure people will like it. It is my dream that we havemore tales to tell of India and wonders to talk about other than just theTajMahal”


The idea came from the fact that today museumsare just mute displays of artefacts and antiquities which are not the besttestimonies to educate the youth. Generally in a museum we find clothes of thesoldiers, their arms and ammunitions displayed which no longer excites theyoung mind. This project will look to make history alive and engaging usingmodern technology and virtual reality.


Visitorswill take a plunge into history withthe assistance of modern technology. In addition to the displays and shows,there will be a whole host of stalls, which will focus largely on Punjabihandicraft, arts and Punjabi food stalls along with cuisines of the royalty atthat period.A special 3D Stereoscopic show on King Ranjeet Singh and hissoldiers will also be aired in addition to multimedia shows on the history ofAmritsar. Virtual songs and dances of the time will also be presented, and asthese shows are targeting today’s generation there will be new generationartists who will also perform and showcase their talent. In the second phasethere will be amusement park for children, luxury tinted themes and children’spark that will be made with modern techniques.


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