Dare to go rock nude

Mumbai, December 2016: Personifying the essence of the urbane and independent woman, Maybelline New York, the world’s number 1 make-up brand, introduces The Rock Nudes Palette with 12 stunning shades that let your eyes speak volumes. Designed to unleash the cosmetic alchemist in you, this palette lets you create endless edgy avatars every day!

For bold and vibrant women who won’t be contained by dulland bland looks, The Rock Nudes Palette is an ode to their daringindividuality. From gunmetal grey to interstellar blue, the versatility of thepalette lets you attain runway looks in a few nifty strokes. 

The most incredible part about The Rock Nudes Palette isthat it features hues in stone cold greys, smoky browns and edgy violets thatguarantee vividly versatile looks for any occasions. Maybelline New York’ssignature ’nudes’ saga goes cutting edge with this iconic installment. The RockNudes Palette is a glamourous upgrade from The Nudes and The Blushed NudesPalette stepping into a bold and brazen territory. The highlight of The RockNudes Palette is that it lets you experiment with colours that complement youreyes, creating artful magic to the contours of your lids.


The Rock Nudes Palette hosts 12 captivating shades thatpermit sultry and sinful looks in a matter of few minutes. It’s the perfectpalette to match your mood, manner and attire. For a more minimalist look,subtle shades of subdued beige and condensed creams can enhance your eyes.Contrastingly, you can unveil the divine diva in you with intense hues ofquartz, violet and coal. 

The stark nude tones are highly blendable, with potentpigments that enhance your eyes to excellence. Composed of a silky texture, thepalette contains a mix of muted mattes and sophisticated shimmers. Itslong-wearing formula, resistance to creasing and smooth application definitelymake it an elite buy. 

Available at all modern retail outlets at Rs 925. 

Once you go nude, there’s no going back!

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