Bio Oil along with Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu encourage husbands to partner with their pregnant wives

Mumbai, 13th May 2017: Pregnancy is an experience that both parents experience together. However, it is the mother who almost always ends up doing the heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively. To make pregnancy a more shared journey and encourage fathers to increase their participation, Bio Oil organized a tete a tete with start couple Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu who showcased their most priceless moments through the most exciting journey of their lives.

Pregnancy is a time when the father of the child needsto step in and assure the mother that they are in this together. Thatconfidence itself goes a long way in building a partnership based on mutualrespect and shared responsibilities. 

Sharing her thoughts, Sohal Ali Khan, said“Pregnancy changes a woman not just physically, but also emotionally. It isimportant that a mother feels calm and stress-free at all times. This is wherefathers can play an important part. Kunal has been extremely supportive of mein this journey and takes care of me in all way possible and make me feel likea Yummy Mummy.  I am extremely glad that Bio Oil is encouraging husbandsto partner with their wives in this beautiful journey. ” 

“Women undergo a lot of physical and emotional changesduring pregnancy. In times like these, husbands often feel a little confused asto how best to support their wives. I just listen to her, make her feel happy,reassure her that she look wonderful and do things to make her feel good canmake her very happy.” Added Kunal Khemu 

Gynecologist Dr. Kiran Coelho & dermatologistDr. Rashmi Shetty reiterated the importance ofcommitting to a self-care regime during pregnancy. “The physiological andhormonal changes during pregnancy can be daunting for many women. Thereforemothers must remain active and set aside time to exercise every day. Theexperience becomes better if both partners workout together,” says Dr Coelho.Fathers can try to wear weights and prosthetic bellies once to just experiencehow difficult even basic movement is during pregnancy. 

Women often develop stretch marks when the skin aroundthe belly stretches to accommodate the growing size of the uterus. Theoccurrence of such marks may make women lose their self-confidence or stopfeeling beautiful. But stretch marks can be controlled and often avoided bydaily application of Bio Oil. Dr Rashmi Shetty suggests, “Oil application hasbeen a ritual deeply rooted in our culture as a symbol of bonding, what betterhydrant and nourishing than a good oil massage to skin. So I guess this is onegreat overturning for the couple to indulge and bond during a beautiful but yetchallenging phase in a woman's life,” she says. 

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